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Being from Australia we consider ourselves very lucky and blessed, it's a ridiculously beautiful country we live in.  Although there is no place like home, we are travellers at heart.  In fact my gorgeous grandmother once told me that we were of gypsy blood, l tend to agree.

I am the minister in charge of this PoshPacking Family and the CEO of this blog.  I am a 30 something year old mum, wife, friend and serious lover of all things travel.

I’ve been many crazy things in this life so far, from jeans salesperson, insurance broker, I’ve started and sold a luxury hair care brand and now l am into website stuff.  After all that l still don’t know what l want to be when l grow up.... that is unless l can be a full time travel blogger, l think l’d be pretty happy raving on about the awesomeness of my travels!  Either that or l’m thinking perhaps l might become a mountain climber or bikini model next, although l'm not holding my breath on the bikini thing.


Adam is the minister in charge of trying to keep the rest of this PoshPacking family under control and out of trouble. 

Adam is an amazingly tolerant and fantastic husband, father and friend.  He keeps this family ticking along with minimal drama and is always the voice of reason among the lunacy that sometimes surrounds the PoshPacker Family. 

When Adam is not being an epic surfer, he is a serious businessman (although he would much rather be a full time pro surfer.)  He is extremely busy and a very important man, well that’s what he tells me every day anyway.  Go Adam you are awesome!

Miss Posh...
Miss Posh is our beautiful giant princess.  She is a gorgeous, amazing, occasionally surly and always fabulous teenager. 

Miss Posh has a love of anything and everything that sparkles.  Makeup is her main passion and she creates awe-inspiring looks from zombies to glamorous bridal makeup.  Miss Posh is truly remarkable and a very lucky girl, l think she has already found what she wants to be when she grows up.

Master Posh...
Master Posh is our splendid son. He was born to run, both on the track and rings around us. Literally.

Master Posh is a marvellous sportsman who seems to be surprising good at almost every sport he tries and believe me he’s done the lot.  BMX club riding, soccer, AFL, Skateboarding, cross-country running, golf and just about everything in between.  He is only 12 so l’m sure there is plenty more time to be incredible at every other sport imaginable.  Watch this space.


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