20 Jun 2015

3 Tips on Choosing a Travel Destination with Teenagers, and Why We Chose Queenstown, New Zealand!

This is possibly one of life’s more challenging questions to answer, where to holiday with teenagers?  Yes I know it’s a very third world problem, but the struggle is real for parents of teenagers none the less.

I admit that as my slightly moody delightful teenagers are getting older, and let’s say a lot more annoying vocal, not to mention having vastly different teens that of each sex, the choice of agreeable holiday destination is starting to feel quite slim.  Let’s be honest the stress is real, and it’s becoming increasingly impossible task trying to accommodate everyone and  choose a destination that will be a winner.

All that said I’ve gone out on a limb, l  have booked a winter skiing holiday with my teenagers to Queenstown, New Zealand.  To say l’m nervous is a tiny understatement, we usually chase the sun when we go on holiday (as my husband call’s me cold hearted blooded.) But hear me out, l’ve narrowed it down to 3 crucial criteria for choosing a destination when travelling with teenagers.


  1. Constant adventure!  There is literally nothing worse than bored teenagers, they will make you wish you could rip off your own ears (yep, that bad!)  Queenstown, New Zealand has skiing, snowboarding, jetboat rides, bungy jumping, mountain biking, luge rides, helicopters and seemingly more action than you can poke a stick at. Tick!
  2. Not too far to travel!  As per the above, bored teenagers on long planes rides (with no wifi aarrrgghhh) = ears being ripped off and eyes being poked out.  l know l’m getting a little crazy, but our last 21 hour flight has put me off long plane rides for a little while, at least while l recover from the trauma.  Queenstown New Zealand is only a short, and roughly 4 hour trip.  Tick!
  3. A destination where hotels have free wifi!  Now l know some parents will say, take the kids away in nature blah blah where there is no wifi and l assure you l love that idea, in theory!  But if you’ve ever tried go away for an extended period of time where your sweet teenager and no wifi, it is as my daughter would say, soul destroying (let’s be honest, l think this is more the parents than the teenagers through).  Dramatic l know, but for the parents that have tried, l think you’ll agree, your soul will not escape unscathed!  Don’t do it!  After much deliberation, we have chosen The Rees Hotel, Queenstown.  This hotel looks stunning, not only does this place have rave reviews, it boasts hot baths for Dad, free wifi for the teenagers  and a balcony with breathtaking views and  a bottle glass of wine for me.  Tick!

I’m not going to pretend that travelling with teenagers is always easy, but if you properly plan your destination, with great thought as to teenager suitability, you’re sure to win.  And for the rest of you who are looking forward to 2 weeks in the wilderness with your teenagers, wifi free, and fresh with family bonding time, good luck with that, let me know how you go.

Please feel free to let us know your tips on choosing a travel destination with teenagers, we’re all ears!  Goodness knows us parents need to stick together.

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