06 May 2013

Feeling ‘The Travel Buzz’

You know that feeling you had as a young kid when tomorrow was your birthday, or when you knew that Santa was coming that night?  The feeling of ‘the tingling buzz’ coursing through your body, your stomach feeling like it had baby butterflies floating around in it and you just couldn’t sit still, no chance!  Your heart would beat a little faster, your breath was shallow and your palms were sticky and wet.  It was like a mild electric current running through your veins.  It was amazing and magical all at once. Time seemed to go in slow motion and the more you looked at the clock the slower it seemed to go.  Remember how it felt? 

I think the last time l had that sheer level of anticipation and pure excitement was when l was in Primary School.  Year after year the excitement seemed to die down, bit by bit, until it was all but gone. 

Well it’s back!  I'm shocked.  It feels totally amazing, just like l remember.

I didn’t think l would ever have these feelings again.  In fact l had completely forgotten the awesomeness of feeling pure excitement and anticipation so intense l could burst.  The only thing that has even come close was the impending birth of my two children.  Don’t get me wrong this was an amazingly exciting time however it was mixed with a bit of morning sickness, fear of the complete unknown and a tiny bit of terror, in fact a fair bit of terror.  The feeling l am talking about here though, is that unadulterated pure joy and excitement, the one that is only mixed with extreme feelings of exhilaration and sheer eagerness, nothing more!  The Tingle!  The Buzz!

It is travelling.  I think about it all the time.  I read about it constantly.  I collect travel brochures.  But when l actually get the nudge to commit to going somewhere l get ‘The Tingle’.

So l’m completely Tingling and l can feel the Buzz.  l’m going travelling and l’m so ridiculously excited, so who wants to join me, well online anyway?  I’ll ‘virtually’ take you along for the ride, it’s going to be huge, epic in fact!  I can promise all the thrills and sheer excitement you can take, with a whole lot of craziness thrown in.  l promise a world of fun and things you won’t believe, all from the comfort of your armchair.  So let the games begin.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

QUESTION : When do you get ‘The Tingle’, the real internal buzzing feeling?  Do you get it when you think about travel?  When you book your travel tickets or not until your there?

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