09 Jun 2013

Fiji For Families - Cracked Heads & Cocktails!

Mamanuca Islands – Plantation Island Resort.

Part 1 of our Fiji journey had us in Denarau Island.  Part 2 has us heading to the Denarau Marina and straight onto a boat that took us to our next stop smack in the middle of the Mamanuca Islands, Plantation Island Resort.  Wow, Wow, Wow... all l can say is it was exactly like the stunning travel brochure pictures!  We opted for a Beach Front Bure and that is what we got.  A gorgeous, little, authentic hatched roofed, Fijian hut right on the water, perfect!  

9 days in paradise, cocktail in hand and hammock strung up between 2 palms (very cliche, l know), was exactly what the doctor ordered.  

Plantation Island has a Water Sport ‘gang’ of lovely, amazing young men who instantly adopted my son and entertained him with endless banana boat rides, kayaking, wind surfing and snorkeling – one happy tween boy!  Our teenage daughter found a friend in the bure next door (phew) and spent her days swimming in the pool, helping out the very patient staff in the gift shop (who does that??) and just hanging out doing whatever teens do together – one happy daughter!

Mamanuca Islands – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
To be honest l could possibly have lived here for eternity, but 9 days was probably a little lengthy for teenagers.  In hindsight l would say around 7 days would have been long enough for the kids.  The Fijians were all gorgeous and super lovely people, who regularly went out of their way to please us.  The kids club looked fantastic, with many very happy, smiling faced kids.  The island also has extremely cheap, local Fijian ladies who offer babysitting, so if you have kids under 10 - awesome!  

No bad or ugly here.... oh except for Adam’s head.  He walked smack  into one of the low iron roofs and sliced a gruesome chunk off the top of his hairless head, ouch.  I freaked out, as l tend to do, as there was blood and brains everywhere (well, l thought l saw brains?).  I ran around like a crazy woman and found what l can only describe as a very friendly, somewhat old, Fijian Witchdoctor (l'm sure she was qualified!).  She barely understood English and scared me a little with her approach to fixing a sliced head.  She packed it full of some weird liquid soaked cotton and stitched it up, all l could see was infection and grossness in our near future, needless to say l was a slightly freaked out. Believe it or not, you could have knocked me over with a feather, as it actually worked and healed better and quicker than any injury l had seen before,  Ad’s head recovered in lightening speed.  Note to self, Fijian Witchdoctors are awesome, oh and stop freaking out so much!

Travelling to Fiji with Teens
A tropical paradise like Plantation Island is perfect for teenagers and tweens.  There are usually other teenagers around, so hopefully they can find someone to ‘hang’ with.  Teens can also have some of that freedom they crave, as being a remote island they can only go so far.  In reality they can be fairly independent as there is not a whole lot of trouble they can get up to on an island.  Note, l said ‘a whole lot’...

Let’s Talk about the Weather.
Beautiful one day, perfect the next.  Full stop.

In the End.
All good things come to an end, however would we return to Plantation Island.  Hell Yeah!

Have you ever been to Fiji or is it on your bucketlist?  What did you think?


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