16 May 2013

Glamping Vs Camping?

The Poshpackers first caravaning trip


OK l hate to admit that l am probably the worst hard core camper that ever lived, all you have to do is ask any of my friends who have ever camped with me.

We started off our family camping era in a tent.  WOW, what a unique experience.  There is nothing like a zip to keep you safe from snakes, giant monitors and ‘wild’ wildlife.  I especially loved tenting when it rained.  l loved how the water pooled under our tent and started seeping though the floor and how everything was soaking wet, it was awesome (l’m sure you can feel my sarcasm vibe by now!).

So, l guess by now you can tell that tenting is probably not on my list of loved things to do.  I won’t even mention the stress and torture of a husband and wife setting up a tent with a thousand random poles, oh the love!

The experience of tenting torture caused us to make the move to a marriage saver – we purchased a caravan.  Phase 2 of our camping era.

Now we are talking about ‘glamping’, camping without the tent torture l like to call it. I admit the caravan (we purchased a Jayco Expander 14.44-4) was quite expensive, however we have recently sold it and really didn’t lose much money.  All in all it was not a bad investment, at least it saved my sanity for a while.

The caravan meant no more soggy beds in the rain, no more midnight wildlife break ins and a little more civilisation.  However, it still meant very thin walls between me and the extremely loud pre-dawn bird chorus and the many lost hours still due to caravan packing, unpacking, cleaning the inside and washing the outside.  Sadly we soon discovered caravanning was still not my thing. 

Let’s not even talk about the cost to drag the thing around, it was astronomical.  We decided in our wisdom that cabins worked out to be a similar cost and definitely a whole lot easier and a whole lot less cleaning.  Our caravan era lasted 4 trips (Gold Coast, Byron Bay, North Shore Beach Camping and Gold Coast again) and 11 months later we parted ways.

All things said and done l have decided that camping is nature’s way of promoting the resort business.  Sorry to all the camping lovers, l know there are a lot of you, don’t hate on me, it’s just too much like hard work.

Are you team tent, team caravan or team hotel/resort  Have you ever had a hell camping trip or is it just me?

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