02 Jul 2013

Have You Been to Los Angeles and Know Something l Don’t?

LA – it’s as much an idea as a place.  Hollywood screams tales of a city where dreams are made and hopefuls go to get their big break, to be discovered, to change their destinies.... either that or they become waiters?

I’m going to Los Angeles and l’m going to move to my own funky beat.  Yes, l know l’m apparently too old to finally be ‘discovered’, whatever!  But for 7 days l’m going to live like a star, act like a star and l’m going to roll how the stars roll. 

“In Los Angeles, everyone is a star.”  Denzel Washington

That’s me, a star!  But l’m also travelling with my partner, my 13 year old daughter and 11 year old son so we have a lot of dreams and travel ‘must do’s’ to fulfil, all in such little time.

The boys want to hang ten at every skate park in Southern California.  My partner wants to gnarly up and surf the big breaks. After all Southern California’s (apparently if you’re hip it’s referred to as ‘SoCal’, yeah so l’m cool now) surf, skate and sports cultures are renowned worldwide, the boys call it ‘Epic’.  So action packed epicness is the way the boys want to roll.  My teenage daughter on the other hand wants to shop, shop and shop some more, all for the love of everything fashion and fabulous.  Insert sequins and glitter here.  Crikey l think we will have to cover just about every single square inch and leave absolutely no SoCal attraction unturned.  This is going to be one crazy busy, exciting trip.

Where to go, what to do, where to start eeekkk?

After much deliberation and far too many hours of research, we have decided to base ourselves smack bang in the middle of Hollywood and soak up all the fabulousness at the Magic Castle Hotel.  I choose this gorgeous looking place literally because it reminded me of the 90s show Melrose Place, it seems to be quintessentially USA, that and the fact that it had loads of amazing reviews on Trip Advisor, so stay tuned for ‘Leone reviews’.

So what's on the Los Angeles to do list?

1. Catch up with Brad & Ange. Spot a star in Hollywood, yeah l know....  Maybe include a grand tour of Movie Stars’ homes, just to stalk them a little bit!
2. Exhaust ourselves with all the movie magicness of Universal Studios
3. Indoor Skydiving in Hollywood, just because we can!  And yeah it’s indoor, should be interesting!
4. Hollywood Walk of Fame, just for some more star action.
5. Float around Santa Monica Pier (and maybe sneakily check out the eye candy at Muscle Beach, just saying)
6. I really want to touch the Hollywood sign, but apparently l’ll be arrested, boring!  So maybe just hike up the Hollywood Hills and stand underneath it??  Or maybe l will try and touch it, stay tuned, I may need a cake with a file in it?
7. Soak up a LA sunset at the Griffith Observatory
8. Shop Rodeo Drive Baby. Hang out at The Grove. Tick, daughter should be happy
9. Hit the waves at Malibu Beach and Huntington Beach, that ticks every box for my partner!
10. Drop the vert (whatever that means?) at SoCal Skate parks .... son covered and happy.

Have l missed anything?  Have you been to Los Angeles and know something l don’t, please tell me?

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