27 Mar 2014

Luggage Ain't Luggage When Your a Travelling Teenager

Packing is easy....said no teenager girl (or parent of one) ever!

My story begins with 4 amazing new Antler suitcases and the dilemna is that 2 of them are hard shell and 2 soft sided, so who in the family gets which one?

Having new travelled with a hard case before of course l wanted one, and l left the rest of PoshPacker clan to fight it out amongst themselves.  Needless to say the boys gave up and the teenager daughter came out on top with the other hardshell suitcase. Which she proceeded to pack, re-pack and re-pack again about 14 million more times before we left aarrghhhh.

Hard Shell Suitcase V's

Soft Sided Suitcase


Hard Shell Pros :

  1. You can pack both sides!  When you open them up, they open in the middle so you can pack evenly in both sides.  Hence when you arrive at your destination there is far less fumbling and digging around at the bottom on your case to find your swimmers.  Winning.
  2. Your stuff is really well protected and less likely to get damaged.
  3. What ever these cases are made of is super hardcore, they can take a real beating and still remain in one piece.  I found this out when l accidently dropped mine down a flight on concrete stairs and it still looked exactly the same afterwards :)

Hard Shell Cons :

  1. It's a little difficult to contain everything when you have both sides packed and you have to lift one side over to close it, although, note to self, the side with the zipped netting is much easier to lift and close!
  2. They are a little heavier than soft sided cases and when you have a weight limit and every gram counts, this can be a little bit of a drag.

Soft Sided Pros :

  1. These soft sided original type suitcases are definately very light these days, which is a win if you like to pack a lot of very important stuff including multiple pairs of mandatory shoes for every occassion.

Soft Sided Cons :

  1. Soft sided cases are much more easily damaged by baggage handlers.  Not that l have anything against baggage handlers, goodness knows l'm not the best with luggage (refer hard shell pro, point 3 above), but geez guys l really prefer when my case comes out the other end minus rips.  Not to mention they weird bend in the frame of the case that was not there when we dropped it off mmmmm.

So the jury is out and Hard Shell Suitcases come out on top, although they are a little heavier, it's worth the weight to make sure your stuff arrives exactly as you left it.

Have you had suitcase experiences...if so tell us about your trials and tribulations!

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