09 May 2013

Meet the 'Real' Packers...

While we definitely love billionaire's, oh how we love billionaire's, sadly we are not the posh 'Packer' family you are thinking about... (or probably gladly if the truth be known).

We are the Aussie Poshpacker Family! It is true, we might not have truckloads of cash, but we can assure you we are living the travel dream (even if it is with healthy credit card debt).

We are an excitable family of 4, we're inquisitive, interested and just a little bit crazy.  So join us as we blog about our posh family travels.  l promise we'll leave no stone un-turned.  It's going to be an epic journey and one that you won't want to miss!  No really.

Our next upcoming trip is to the USA and we’re just a little bit excited.  Stay tuned.  Join our Newsletter so you don't miss a thing!

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