09 Nov 2013

New York with Teenagers

The city that never sleeps, they certainly got that right!  I think we slept for about 5 minutes over the whole 7 days (maybe a slight exaggeration but it certainly felt like that!).  For all our madness and running around l still think we barely scratched the surface of this amazing city that is truly like no other.

New York is a massive city, with millions of people and absolutely countless things to do and see, not only that but it seems to change every single day.  Clearly we never stood a chance at sleep!  So with our alarm clocks set and our running shoes, on we hit the ground with a detailed plan of attack and astonishing speed every day.

Accommodation – We stayed smack bang in the middle of the busiest block in all the world, Times Square at Doubletree Suites By Hilton.  The room was clean and very comfortable, but it was the location that made this place absolutely perfect – right in the heart of all the madness and mayhem.

Things we ticked off our To Do List :

1. One thing l know for sure, while New York is an extremely expensive place to holiday, it was made much more affordable with the New York Pass, this was like our golden ticket and for the reasonably priced initial cost gave us entry to : The Empire State Building Observatory and the New York Sky Ride, Top of the Rock (we went at night at it was amazing!), Central Park bike hire and 9/11 Tribute Centre (very moving)  just to name a few of the 80 attractions that are included.  Do yourself and your budget a favour, check out the New York Pass.  P.S. if you hire a bike in Central Park, don’t forget a helmet, as of course no exciting Central Park trip is complete without a crash and a bleeding leg,  or maybe you are more co-ordinated than me, now that wouldn’t be hard!

2. Circle Line Full Island River Cruise – this was one of my favourite activities in New York as not only did we get to see the city from all its wonderful sides, but we got up close and personal with my beloved lady friend, The Statue of Liberty.  What a gorgeous cruise and l would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

3. Biking over the Brooklyn Bridge with Bike and Roll – What teenage boy doesn’t love to bike around, and let me tell you mine is no exception.  So we all put on our helmets and running shoes and followed our very knowledgeable guide over the historic Brooklyn Bridge.  It wasn’t until l finally got to the top that l caught my breath and stopped for a second to fully appreciate the beauty and architecture of the landmark bridge, WOW!  Thank goodness for teenagers that encourage us to get out of our comfort zone and get on a bike.  Well worth the effort.

4. The Ride – now this was an activity that had me intrigued.  You get on a bus and sit looking out the big glass side onto the street, just like a theatre.  What they didn’t tell us, was that you are then met with side splitting laughs while you travel around New York City with some crazy, hilarious guides who keep everyone entertained with real history and wild stories.  The Ride is absolutely comical from beginning to end and a very unique way to experience the City.

5. Blue Man Group – These guys put on a extremely unique show that was like no other show we have ever seen.  It is simply 3 bald guys, painted blue, who never speak a word, that will have you rolling in your seat laughing, completely amazed with wonder and thoroughly entertained.  We loved every second of it!

6. On Location Gossip Girls Tour & TMZ Tour – Miss 13 year old was in complete heaven with her camera out big smile on.  Both the Gossip Girl bus tour and TMZ Tours were conducted by a well educated Gossip Girl disciple and a very 'in the know' TMZ Celebrity guru who cleverly made the tours both fun and entertaining. These fabulous tours really did make me wish l had more time in new York though, as the Sex & the City tour would be even more fun, for the mums of course.

7. What trip to a major city would be complete without a trip to the amazing Madame Tussauds?  This place is incredible and the life like wax figures make for some crazy, fun celebrity photos.  Funnily enough throughout our entire trip to the USA this was a close to celebrities as we got... thank goodness for Madame Tussauds :)

7 days was not nearly enough time in New York, but it sure was better than 6!  New York is certainly one of those places that you have to visit more than once in your lifetime and after you have been the first time you will absolutely want to go again.

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