22 Aug 2013

Start Spreading the News! New York, New York...

Word on the street is, if you’re lucky enough to travel America, you can’t possibly leave New York off the list!  And when there you must always wear an I Love NY T-Shirt, Always!
Initially l decided no New York for us!!  Thankfully l’m indecisive, and funnily enough l’ve changed my mind, who would believe it l know? Perhaps in my original plan l was too overwhelmed by the sheer hugeness of New York City, but now it’s the absolute top of my list and the one place l can’t wait to see. 
The world’s greatest city, now where on earth do l start?  I was right, New York City is epic and completely overwhelming, but l guess that’s the grand allure.  So we are going to roll with it, stay calm, micro manage the itinerary and squeeze every last charm out of this awe-inspiring town as humanly possible.  No time for rest (sorry husband) as we are heading to the City That Never Sleeps!
With my mind boggling and my brain busting out of my skull, graphic l know, but here is our interim list!  Remember we have an 11 & 13 year old with us : 
  1. Head straight to the nearest sport store and buy a good pair of runners as god knows my stilettos are only going to get me so far without a broken ankle.
  2. Big Apple, Big things, so l’m thinking Empire State Building and Top of the Rock for the tremendous views and confirmation that hell yeah NYC is definitely overwhelmingly huge, just in case l need verification?  ‘Stop the Press’: Amongst the planning madness I have managed to find ’New York Pass’, this little gem is awesome, sign me up!  I’ve ordered these amazing sounding tourist cards which will give us access to over 80 attractions for one low cost ‘woo hoo’ no blowing the budget (l hope, but l can’t promise!).
  3. I believe Lady Liberty is now open for business, so we're going to pay the old girl a visit.  Maybe a cruise around the island, Circle Line cruises look perfect!
  4. At least one major museum.  OK I admit l'm not really the museum type (oops) but as the old saying goes, when in Rome... So being the non-museum type l have no idea which one will be more suitable The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History or the Guggenheim?  Thoughts?
  5. Bike and Roll look fantastic they have bike tours across the Brooklyn Bridge, because why walk when you have wheels, so says Mr 11 year old...
  6. Shopping.  Goes without saying.  All tips/ideas welcome.
  7. Now, l want to do a On Location Sex in the City tour but Miss 13 year old wants to do a Gossip Girls Sites tour.  Needless to say l am now madly watching Gossip Girl as l guess 13 is too young for Sex in the City!  Surprisingly enough l’m hooked, l know, l know.
  8. Madame Tussauds New York for sure – you know l love stars in all shapes and sizes, even if they are wax?
  9. Broadway.  I’m thinking Rock of Ages so l can bust out my big hair and big 80’s anthems.  I never said l wouldn’t embarrass my teens ha ha.
  10. 9/11 Memorial and Tribute Centre.  I’m not sure l could go to NY and not pay my respects.  Like everyone else that terrible day is etched in my mind.
  11. Get into a bit of Central Park action.
  12. Anyone who knows me, knows l love a good bald man and believe it or not I have found some blue ones!  These guys look super cool, so we’re going to see the (bald) Blue Man Group!
We have 7 days in New York City, what do you think our chances are that we will see everything?  I think we are going to need a holiday after this holiday!
These streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you, now you’re in New York.  Alicia Keys
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