09 May 2013

Travel Product of the Week – Fart Filter (Yes That’s Right).

Now when you’re travelling on a plane or in a bus it’s a little hard to blame the dog for ‘that’ smell.  Although l have been known to let one rip and look suspiciously around for an unsuspecting culprit and then shoot them a knowing glance that says ‘it wasn’t me so it must have been you!’

You no longer have to shift the blame or hold it in until you are about to explode.  You can fart safe in the knowledge that your GasBGon Flatulence Filter Seat cushion will absorb around 90% of the sound and stench from your backside.  Wow l hear you say!

Now passing gas is a serious problem for some (sorry Adam!) and you certainly don’t want to be stuck for 14 hours on a plane next to someone who has eaten beans.  So if you or your partner are renowned for clearing a room, this could be the perfect travelling solution, suck it up in a cushion!  It could also be a great tool to have in your travelling emergency kit for when you happen to sit next to the wrong person!

"Since bringing home my GasBGon cushion, my wife and kids thank you very much." David C., Washington, NC

Now to be completely honest l am yet to purchase the Flatulence Filter cushion, but l’m sure it would be a real winner and perhaps even a marriage saver.  Let us know if you have one or if you think this is a must have travel product.

Question : Have you got any crazy, awesome or funny travel products that we must know about?

You can check it out here : GasBGon

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