31 Jul 2013

Traveling to Sin City – Las Vegas with Teenagers

They say ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, but don’t worry, l am an over sharer so there’ll be no secrets here.
Vegas entices with images of bright lights and crazy sights.  Word on the street, is it’s a town where everything is big, brash and over stated.  Nothing is bland and everything is completely outlandish and overdone.  Sounds perfect to me!
This trip to Sin City is going to have a whole lot less ‘sin’ and a whole lot more ‘saint’ as we are travelling with young teenagers.  There won’t be gambling and partying all night, drinking and nightclubbing, marrying strangers or getting tattoos on our faces.  But hey, they say it can be done with kids and still be awesome.  Watch this space, we’re going to Las Vegas and we’re excited.
First up, where to stay on the ever-twinkling Strip in Vegas?  This incredible looking place is home to so many big name hotels and let me tell you l had no idea where to start.
When in Vegas l have decided to live like a ‘Vegasien’ (not a word, but l like it).  I wanted the biggest, poshest and fanciest hotel l could find and afford (that accommodated teens as well).  Keep in mind that the accommodation prices in Vegas are quite reasonable as they suck you in with great priced hotels and rob you blind in the casinos, unless you’re lucky?  Many, many hours of research and deliberation later, l considered the Bellagio but l have decided on The Venetian.  This is an all suite hotel (so will comfortably fit all 4 of us) and is located right in the action on The Strip.  It looks amazing, opulent and just a little bit decadent, very posh so it’s just up my alley.  The Venetian features famous landmarks, winding canals and authentic gondolas recreating the grandeur of Renaissance Venice, so we thought why not?
“Secretly, I had always wanted to go to Vegas, and have my own really bad act!” - Sigourney Weaver.  (Me too, Sigourney!)
What to do in Vegas....remember we have an 11 & 13 year old with us?  Our ‘to do’ list :
1. You guessed it, get married!  Well at least renew our vows.  I want a traditional Vegas wedding complete with Elvis and a hummer limousine.  Come on, you knew l would!
2. Visit the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.  Maybe take a helicopter tour so we can absorb the hugeness and all the beauty?  I’m scared of heights, so not sure how l will go?
3. Cirque du Soleil – what else needs to be said, who doesn’t love wild acrobatics and stage craft wizardry?  There seems to be loads of different shows at different hotels, but l am thinking maybe ‘O’ at Bellagio?  Any suggestions?
4. God knows l love Australia's Got Talent, in fact l once thought l should audition but apparently you have to have talent?  Terry Fator (winner of America's Got Talent) has a show in Vegas and there is no way l'm going to miss that!
5. Climb the Eiffel Tower.  Of course there is an Eiffel Tower replica in Las Vegas, it’s at Paris Las Vegas Casino and Resort.
6. Pose with guns!  Isn’t that what everyone does in Las Vegas? No, no really, l want to shoot a pink machine gun, apparently they have them at The Gun Store, for real!
7. Hang out with Shania, Elton, Celine and l hear Prince is in Vegas too?
8. KISS Monster Mini Golf, Fountains at Bellagio, ride the roller coaster at New York, New York and more and more and more....
There seems to be so much to do and so little time.  Is there anything l’m missing?  Have you been to Vegas with teenagers or kids?
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