02 Nov 2013

Viva Las Vegas... With Teenagers in Tow

What can l possibly say about Las Vegas that has not already been said...Ahhhhhmazing!  And to all the people who say ‘don’t take kids’, l say ‘are you kidding?’  Of course you don’t want them out late at night (although many were) and they need to know that they will see some near naked people, blah blah but hey that’s just part of Vegas.  There is so much to do, see and experience, it’s a place in America you absolutely don’t want to miss!

I’m going out on a limb here and l’m going to say that Vegas was my most favourite place of our recent USA trip, it was everything l thought it would be and more.
Literally like a shining oasis in the middle of the desert, everything was massive, the whole place is shiny and everything was absolutely fabulous!  So much so that l am already planning a ‘girls trip’ back to Sin City with my BFF’s, that’s how incredible it was.

What was so good l hear you say....well :

Accommodation: We stayed at The Venetian, WOW!  This amazing place exposed us to a new level of elegance in travel.  Our view of the strip was breath taking, the beds were luxuriously comfortable, the room was massive and the entire place seemed extremely palatial.  Yes please!

Things we ticked off our To Do List, both from my perspective and the all important teens:

1.  In our all time favourite place, this was our all time favourite experience – Maverick Helicopters!  I admit l was initially terrified, in fact a little more than terrified!  l’m not a fan of flying but l was quickly overcome with the sheer beauty of the Las Vegas strip at night.  This view from our awe inspiring night flight was so stunning that l didn’t really even have time to feel scared, l was just so overwhelmed.  It was so remarkable that we also decided to take a longer day flight the next day.  OMG what an unforgettable journey that took us soaring over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and had us land in the bottom of the Grand Canyon just by the Colorado River for yep, champagne, nice!  All l can say is DO IT, this was a once in a lifetime experience that was worth every cent.  P.S. no amazing, life altering adventure would be complete without a motion sick spewing teenager, so do forget to medicate those so inclined aarrrghh.

2. The Terry Fator Show  - Being from Australia l had never heard of Terry Fator, but let me tell you, l now know why he won America’s Got Talent, he is ridiculously amazing!  Terry is an extremely talented ventriloquist who manages to entertain millions of people, both young and old, with his array of crazy characters.  This show was perfect, and the whole family left saying OMG how good was that!

3. Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson One – Everybody knows about Cirque Du Soleil and there is certainly no lack of choice for shows in Vegas, we chose the newest one, Michael Jackson, and we weren’t disappointed.  The music was amazing and the acrobatics were exactly as you would expect, crazy, ridiculous, unhuman and amazing.

4. Human Nature Motown Show – Mr Poshpacker being the muso he is, really wanted to get his fill of motown, so we all went to see Human Nature.  Another amazing surprise, the theatre was quite intimate and it felt like they were singing just for us.  These guys have perfected the art of entertainment and even our teens, who had never even heard of Human Nature, were clapping along and completely enjoyed the show, l was happily surprised at our successful night out, phew!

5. New York, New York Roller Coaster (crazy expensive @ $15 per head, per ride eeekkk), a must do for thrill seekers (not me!) the kids were thoroughly terrified and very happy. 

6. M&M World & Coke World, once again the kids loved the ‘crazy merchandise worlds’, America certainly knows how to cash in on a good thing, the merchandise is out of control!

7. The Las Vegas Strip – man is it long!  I had no idea literally how long and how hot (l know it’s the desert right, who would have thought!) The Strip was.  It is nearly 7km, and on a hot day it felt like 700km.  Nevertheless we braved the stifling heat and spent a few days walking through the amazing hotels, casinos and of course the endless buffets of scrumptious divine foods, this in itself was entertainment.

Our 4 days in Las Vegas with teenagers was not quite enough, l think 6 days would have been perfect as we didn’t even get around to lazing by the pool.   So l guess the relaxing with cocktails and nightclubbing will have to wait for my ‘girls trip’ but stay tuned as that is going to be one heck of a wild article, woo hoo!


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