10 May 2013

What is Your Travelling Style?

We are rolling with the travelling definition, Poshpackers. 

While the expression ‘poshpacker’ is a relatively new term, not to be confused with backpacker, it a definition jungle out there!  Everyone seems to have an opinion on this very important worldly issue, and goodness knows we love a healthy debate!

Poshpacker Family : Simple, we are a family, we sometimes carry backpacks and we always love new experiences. We love to travel in style and we always look for an amazing deal.  We like things just a little bit posh, well actually a lot posh if and where possible.  No dorms or hostels for us.  We opt for the fanciest and most awesomest hotels and accommodation that we can afford (more often than not with thanks to our credit card, but hey that’s life!)  Honestly, let's be serious, who really wants to stay in a rat infested hell hole (yeah a generalisation l know, apparently they are not all that bad) but when l was young l stayed in my fair share of dodgy hostels and now that l’m older and wiser...l’ve quit that!  

It also means that we are not going to scrimp and save on our travels, we are going to experience every crazy outlandish adventure we possibly can.  Some escapades will break the budget, some will cost nothing, but no matter what, we won't let cash stop us and everything we do will be incredible!

So the term poshpacker is pretty self explanatory, we are a family who are travelling in style, the poshest most luxurious style we can.  Not rocket science, but awesome exuberant fun and just a little bit fancy!

What's your traveling style :

Backpacker – Traveller on a very tight shoestring budget.  They wish they had more cash so they could stay in fancier accommodation (without the rats) and would like to be able to buy a coffee instead of busking for one, or have a couple of beers at the bar and still afford dinner.  Only travels in economy or by bus.  Otherwise known as hardcore.

Flashpacker - Backpacker's with a little extra cash in their pockets and a few bells and whistles.  Likes to travel in the same fashion as a backpacker, however usually enjoys a few essential creature comforts like a hot shower and technology.

Poshpacker –  A luxury traveller who loves wild amazing adventures but can still carry a back pack. Is a little refined but not too exclusive that they can’t enjoy some crazy local customs and tacky but awesome experiences.  Likes a clean bathroom and despises the thought of bed bugs.  Happy to pay for an upgrade, something a true blue backpacker would never do!  The Poshpacker always tries to get a fantastic price, although this would not be a deal breaker. 

Cashpacker – High class, aristocratic traveller.  These guys don’t want to have too much fun in case they ruin their noble and superior reputation.  Only travels in business class.  Nobody usually likes the cashpacker as they believe A) they are not travelling properly or B) they are jealous.

Greypacker – Older traveller, usually spending the kids inheritance in style.

Bratpacker - A family travelling with one or more cheeky (but gorgeous) kids.

Really at the end of the day your travelling definition is irrelevant (although labels are always a bit of fun), it is really about getting out there in the world and loving life, however you choose to travel.  Like old saying goes ‘Just Do it’.

QUESTION : Create your own travel style definition or choose the one you think fits you best.  What’s your travel label?

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