Where are they now?  What's going on in the exciting world of the famous Poshpacker Family...

Hungry? Where to Eat in Queenstown with Teenagers

19 Jul2015
The words hungry and teenagers go hand in hand, but if you're in Queenstown, you're in luck?  There is absolutely no excuse for the standard teenager catch cry 'lm starving' as the [...] Read More...

Where to Stay in Queenstown, New Zealand with Teenagers?

10 Jul2015
Great accommodation will make or break any holiday, especially when you're traveling with teenagers.  So with this in mind there are three very important words, 'know what you want!' With two [...] Read More...

What to do in Queenstown, New Zealand with Teenagers.

10 Jul2015
Where do l start, Queenstown is teenager heaven! Or in the wise words of Mr 13 'this place is epic!'  Miss 15 also cracked it for a smile, saying 'it's pretty good' which when translated [...] Read More...

3 Tips on Choosing a Travel Destination with Teenagers, and Why We Chose Queenstown, New Zealand!

20 Jun2015
This is possibly one of life’s more challenging questions to answer, where to holiday with teenagers?  Yes I know it’s a very third world problem, but the struggle is real for parents of teenagers [...] Read More...

New York with Teenagers

09 Nov2013
The city that never sleeps, they certainly got that right!  I think we slept for about 5 minutes over the whole 7 days (maybe a slight exaggeration but it certainly felt like that!).  For all our madness [...] Read More...

Viva Las Vegas... With Teenagers in Tow

02 Nov2013
What can l possibly say about Las Vegas that has not already been said...Ahhhhhmazing!  And to all the people who say ‘don’t take kids’, l say ‘are you kidding?’  Of course [...] Read More...

The 'Real' Southern California with Teenagers

22 Oct2013
For as long as l can remember l have dreamt of going to America!  California was always at the absolute top of my list as the one place l had to visit before l die, it has always sounded so amazingly [...] Read More...

Start Spreading the News! New York, New York...

22 Aug2013
The world’s greatest city, the Big Apple, now where on earth do l start? I was right, New York City is epic and completely overwhelming, but l guess that’s the grand allure? Read More...

Traveling to Sin City – Las Vegas with Teenagers

31 Jul2013
  They say ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, but don’t worry, l am an over sharer so there’ll be no secrets here.   Vegas entices with images of bright lights and crazy [...] Read More...

Have You Been to Los Angeles and Know Something l Don’t?

02 Jul2013
LA – it’s as much an idea as a place.  Hollywood screams tales of a city where dreams are made and hopefuls go to get their big break, to be discovered, to change their destinies.... either that [...] Read More...
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