Where are they now?  What's going on in the exciting world of the famous Poshpacker Family...

Fiji For Families - Cracked Heads & Cocktails!

09 Jun2013
Mamanuca Islands – Plantation Island Resort. Part 1 of our Fiji journey had us in Denarau Island.  Part 2 has us heading to the Denarau Marina and straight onto a boat that took us to our next [...] Read More...

Fiji for Families with Teenagers. Does It Work?

05 Jun2013
The Poshpacker Family recently started their grand tour of the world with a breathtaking trip to amazing Fiji, but did everyone enjoy it? There is a big difference between a holiday and a ‘holiday’. [...] Read More...

Top 10 ‘Must Read’ Tips for Travelling with a Teenager or Tween!

22 May2013
Are you kidding me? (No pun intended) There is a world of positive information out there if you are travelling with kids or babies, but what if you are travelling with tweens and teenagers?  Well you've [...] Read More...

Glamping Vs Camping?

16 May2013
  OK l hate to admit that l am probably the worst hard core camper that ever lived, all you have to do is ask any of my friends who have ever camped with me. We started off our family camping [...] Read More...

What is Your Travelling Style?

10 May2013
We are rolling with the travelling definition, Poshpackers.  While the expression ‘poshpacker’ is a relatively new term, not to be confused with backpacker, it a definition jungle out there! [...] Read More...

Meet the 'Real' Packers...

09 May2013
While we definitely love billionaire's, oh how we love billionaire's, sadly we are not the posh 'Packer' family you are thinking about... (or probably gladly if the truth be known). We are the Aussie [...] Read More...

Feeling ‘The Travel Buzz’

06 May2013
You know that feeling you had as a young kid when tomorrow was your birthday, or when you knew that Santa was coming that night?  The feeling of ‘the tingling buzz’ coursing through your body [...] Read More...
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